Jessica Schroader Strategic Storytelling Coordinator

Jessica Schroader, Strategic Storytelling Coordinator

The Cure Starts Now is excited to introduce Jessica Schroader as the Strategic Storytelling Coordinator. Jessica has seven years of experience bringing stories of art and history to life in the museum field. Being a dedicated storyteller in the museum space has molded her into a copywriter, editor, and designer. Jessica is now committed to evolving her storytelling skills to promote and educate the public about the critical work the foundation is funding to find the Homerun Cure™. 

1. What brought you to CSN?
With a background in museums, I am passionate about storytelling. I loved bringing objects and places to life. Now, I am excited to bring those skills to CSN and tell the stories of children and learn more about the incredible research CSN is funding.

2. What I do at CSN
I keep the social media platforms updated with current events, warriors, and more!

3. What I like most about my job
I love learning about all the warriors and their families! I enjoy discovering the little anecdotes of what makes a child unique and weaving a story about that child that makes them relatable to others.

4. What moment have you cherished most at CSN?
I genuinely cherish the moments I've shared with other staff members. Everyone on staff cares deeply about our warriors and wants to make a profound difference in pediatric brain cancer research.

5. Many people would be surprised if they knew I…
I am a member of Improv Cincinnati, it is my outlet where I can be goofy and silly! I also love that it allows me to use a lot of the creative muscles in my brain.