The words “the cure starts now” appear at the end of a blog titled “Notes Left Behind:  135 Days with Elena” written by her parents, about Elena’s journey, for her younger sister

Supporters around the nation write in support of Elena and unofficially use The Cure Starts Now as the name of their efforts.

The Cure Starts Now Foundation officially starts, founded by the Desserichs


The Cure Starts Now is featured on Good Morning America when “Notes Left Behind” becomes a book.  It is later picked up by Harper Collins Publishers to benefit the charity.

The first “Caps for the Cure” starts in honor of Elena Desserich


Australia becomes The Cure Starts Now’s first international chapter

Alabama is recognized as The Cure Starts Now’s first chapter

“Notes Left Behind” is reprinted worldwide and becomes a New York Times Bestseller.  By 2012 it has been reprinted in 20 different languages.

The first “Race Against the Odds” is started in Washington, DC in honor of Alexis Agin


The first “Make a Stand” is started.  Kids around the US supported other kids who battled cancer.

The Cure Starts Now funds their first international grant in Australia

The Cure Starts Now reaches 12 chapters worldwide.


The very first “DIPG Symposium” is hosted by The Cure Starts Now in Cincinnati

Following this successful symposium, The Cure Starts Now creates the “DIPG Collaborative” to unify other cancer charities in pursuit of revolutionary research for DIPG


The Cure Starts Now establishes and funds The International DIPG Registry with Cincinnati Children’s Hospital.  The SIOPe Registry in Europe soon follows.

The Cure Starts Now achieves over $1 million in research funding


The Cure Starts Now achieves over $2 million in research funding


Lauren Hill reaches the international stage as an ambassador to The Cure Starts Now and raises over $1 million


The Cure Starts Now and its DIPG Collaborative partners reach $6.8 million in research funded

“Layup4Lauren” takes off as a viral fundraiser for research

Founders Brooke and Keith Desserich are awarded the prestigious Jacqueline Kennedy Onassis Service Award in Washington, DC for their efforts with The Cure Starts Now.

Over $2.2 million is raised in honor of Lauren Hill


The Cure Starts Now reaches 30 chapters internationally.

The Cure Starts Now sponsors the DIPG session at the international ISPNO meeting and challenges researchers with the creation of a “Snap Grant”.


The Cure Starts Now continues to expand its international presence with the addition of their first chapter in Canada.

CONNECT (COllaborative Network for NEuro-oncology Clinical Trials) is founded.

The foundation raised over $4,000,000 in a single year!


The Cure Starts Now takes the DIPG|DMG Symposium international for the first time – hosting the conference in Sydney, Australia.


Cincinnati Children’s Hospital Medical Center names its brain tumor institute after the charity in tribute to the 12-year partnership.

The Cure Starts Now grows to over 38 chapters in the USA, Australia and Canada.

The Mom’s Retreat launches nationwide.

The Cure Starts Now’s first partnership with Graeter’s Ice Cream grows to over $1,000,000 raised for research.


The 6th International DIPG/DMG Symposium is hosted in Houston, Texas.

The Cure Starts Now’s partnership with the International DIPG/DMG Registry and the SIOPe International Registry surpasses over 1,200 participating families and grows to 17 countries.


The Cure Starts Now Foundation grows to over 40 chapters, including our first medulloblastoma chapter. Over $30 million has been raised by the foundation and its Collaborative partners for research and support of homerun cancer cure strategies.


The 7th Symposium is held in Lexington, Kentucky in combination with a Medulloblastoma symposium and the first Kentucky Pediatric Cancer Conference.

The first Dad’s Retreat is held in support of families fighting these cancers.