The Cure Starts Now

Support Grows in Kentucky in Honor of DIPG Warrior, Bruce


Family Honors Son by Establishing a Chapter of The Cure Starts Now in Central Kentucky

Lexington, KY | February 11, 2019 — International non-profit, The Cure Starts Now, announces its 43nd chapter in Lexington, KY. The addition of this new chapter allows The Cure Starts Now to further its mission of finding the Homerun Cure™ for cancer by funding research of one of the deadliest, most aggressive forms of cancer: diffuse intrinsic pontine glioma (DIPG) – a cancer that primarily affects children.

The Love for Bruce Lexington, KY Chapter of The Cure Starts Now was established by Robin Dodd and her husband Patch Danielson in honor of their son, Bruce. Diagnosed with DIPG in November, 2018, Bruce battled for 8 months before earning his wings at the age of 5. Bruce received treatment primarily at Kentucky Children’s Hospital, and participated in clinical research at New York University and Cincinnati Children’s hospital.

“We are proud to be a chapter of The Cure Starts Now,” says Dodd, “because we believe in the mission of this organization, and we want to be a part of finding a Homerun Cure for all cancers.”

The Cure Starts Now believes, as the experts do, in the Homerun strategy – that in order to cure cancer, you have to focus on those forms that are immune to conventional treatments, those that affect children, and those that are the “biggest bullies.” To do this The Cure Starts Now funds research previously thought to be too ambitious or impossible.

“I envision a future in which the conversation between an oncologist and a family facing a new DIPG diagnosis will be very different. What I want parents in the future to hear is that there is a treatment, there is a cure, that there is hope. We could not save our own son, but we will do everything in our power to make this a reality for families in the future.” – Robin Dodd

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