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The Cure Starts Now Foundation Sets Record

Keith And Brooke
Keith and Brooke Desserich - Founders

Pediatric Brain Cancer Research Teams receive over $4.5 million dollars

Cincinnati, OH— December 11—The Cure Starts Now Foundation continues to grow and continues to lead the worldwide effort to eradicate all cancers with the Homerun Cure™.

Chairman of the Board of Directors Keith Desserich recently announced the foundation would be funding 19 grants this grant cycle valued at $4,540,000.

"This was the largest grant cycle we have seen in our 15 years and highlights that our Homerun Strategy is working. While we are excited that we are seeing more grant requests and setting records funding these qualified grants, there are still 3 grants sitting on my desk that are yellow lighted until we see about $350,000 in additional funding support. Our efforts are working and the medical community is doing some amazing work."

Since their founding in 2007, The Cure Starts Now has funded 132 grants at over 100 hospitals across 17 countries. In association with their DIPG/DMG Collaborative Partners, they have funded $29,506,047 for pediatric brain cancer research and support across the world.

"It is not just us alone. Our chapters, ambassador families, and supporters are all working together so we can fund more research and take care of more families. We like to live up to our tagline ‘family never fights alone’ and we are here for all the families that have fought or are currently in the fight." - Brooke Desserich, co-founder and Executive Director

The Cure Starts Now has 39 chapters around the world and is one of the leading funders of pediatric brain cancer research. Cincinnati Children’s Hospital Medical Center recently honored their efforts with naming rights to The Cure Starts Now Brain Tumor Center in Clifton, Ohio.


The Cure Starts Now was started in honor of 6-year-old Elena Desserich, a Cincinnati girl who battled a rare, aggressive form of brain cancer known as DIPG. Today, The Cure Starts Now Foundation has over 39 chapters in three countries and is the only cancer foundation dedicated to finding the Homerun Cure™ for cancer by focusing on one of the rarest, most aggressive forms of cancer. For more information, please contact: Jim Getgey | (513) 309-0147 | [email protected]

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