The Cure Starts Now

Support Grows in Central Massachusetts in Honor of Kate Arpano


The Cure Starts Now Adds Central Massachusetts Chapter

Ashburnham, MA April 2018 — International non-profit, The Cure Starts Now, announces its 36th chapter in Ashburnham, MA (Central Massachusetts) in honor of Kate Arpano.

The addition of this new chapter allows The Cure Starts Now to further its mission of finding the Homerun Cure for cancer by funding research of one of the deadliest, most aggressive forms of cancer: DIPG (diffuse intrinsic pontine glioma) – a cancer that primarily affects children.

The Central Massachusetts Chapter of The Cure Starts Now was started by Abigail Arpano in honor of her daughter Kate. Diagnosed with DIPG on August 16, 2014, Kate battled for 17 months before passing at the all too young age of six. However, even at such a young age, Kate was able to inspire others with her love for life and compassion.

“I am excited to begin a chapter of The Cure Starts Now in honor of Kate. When we were faced with the heartbreaking news of her diagnosis, we were told there was no cure, only palliative or experimental treatment. It was unthinkable that in this day and age that was possible. I am dedicated to helping find a cure so other families in the future don't have to hear those same devastating words.” – Abigail Arpano (Kate’s Mother)

The Cure Starts Now believes, as the experts do, in the Homerun strategy – that in order to cure cancer, you have to focus on those forms that are immune to conventional treatments, those that affect children, and those that are the “biggest bullies.” To do this The Cure Starts Now funds research previously thought to be too ambitious or impossible.

By operating with less than 3% overhead, The Cure Starts Now is able to ensure that money donated through the fundraising efforts of its chapters goes directly to funding innovative research.

The Cure Starts Now is one of the only cancer foundations dedicated to finding the homerun cure for cancer by focusing on one of the rarest, most aggressive forms of cancer. Believing in more than just awareness, The Cure Starts Now has funded over $10 million in cancer research, resulting in 59 cutting edge research grants in 6 countries since 2007.