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Notes Left Behind Released as Paperback

The Cure Starts Now

“The book was always for Gracie,” Keith and Brooke Desserich remind everyone when asked. Started as a remembrance of their oldest daughter Elena to their youngest daughter Gracie, today it has become so much more. Initially self-published (Keith didn’t think anyone was interested so he only printed a few copies), “Notes Left Behind” quickly broke self-publishing records and was soon republished by HarperCollins Publishers in an audio and hardbound version in November, 2009. Quickly thereafter it achieved New York Times Bestselling status and was profiled on The Today Show, CNN, Inside Edition, People Magazine and beyond. Since then, “Notes Left Behind” has been published in over 20 different foreign language versions worldwide, even achieving multiple printings in some countries.

You may be interested to know that the very name of the charity that the book now benefits was taken from a journal that the Desserichs wrote after learning of the “homerun” cure possibilities of pediatric brain cancer. Ending with “The Cure Starts Now” it quickly became much more than just a journal and inspired a cause which today touches people worldwide. “I remember being surprised at how many people responded to that line,” says Desserich. “Certainly I meant it, but to me it was more of a calling than the name of a charity.”

This November, “Notes Left Behind” once again returns, this time as a paperback for use by book clubs and reading groups within the U.S. and Canada. And once again, all author proceeds benefit The Cure Starts Now. To date over $150,000 in donations and proceeds will be created from the sale of the book to benefit The Cure Starts Now. And we hope that will just be the beginning.
“Notes Left Behind” can be purchased at or wherever books are sold.