The Cure Starts Now

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Imagine finding the cure for cancer. Not A cure for A cancer, but THE cure for ALL cancers. Experts believe it starts with the most difficult cancers, like childhood brain cancer and DIPG. It’s the Homerun Cure and, unlike other cancer charities, it’s our mission. But then again, we’re not like other cancer charities.

The Cure Starts Now is an organized, passionate group with a single goal: cure cancer.

We have a plan. A strategy. A process. We don’t throw darts at a wall and see what sticks. We research the why, the what, and the how all with the end game in mind. We innovate. We spark change. Taking chances on new ideas when no one else will. We are open. We are efficient. Effective. Breakthroughs cannot and do not happen in a bubble. There has to be collaboration and communication, and never duplication.

And all of this is working. We have:

  • Funded new drugs and treatments – bringing them to trial 3 times faster
  • Innovated drug delivery methods
  • Established the first comprehensive database of childhood brain cancer
  • Built one of the first virtual hospitals – bringing expert treatment and care closer to patients

And it’s making an impact. As survival times for the deadliest of childhood cancers have nearly doubled.

So don’t just imagine the cure for cancer be the change that finds it.

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