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Texas (Austin/Round Rock)

CONTACT: Melissa & James Fleming
LOCATION: Round Rock, TX 78665
EMAIL: melissa.fleming@thecurestartsnow.org
PHONE: 512-560-9684
FAX: 513-326-3852

Team Brock

The Texas - Austin/Round Rock Chapter of The Cure Starts Now, or Team Brock, was started by James & Melissa Fleming in honor of their son, Brock Fleming, and also honors Katelyn Chatron, Claire Hernandez, and Alexis Reinders.

Brock Hunter Fleming

Brock was a super adorable active 7-year-old. He loved swimming, soccer, and building Legos. His favorite subject was math, and he was the sweetest little Boy Scout you would ever meet. He also loved being a brother to his older sister, Jenna.

He was walking his dog with Jenna and his Daddy on May 4, 2016 when he hit his forehead.  His parents thought they would be treating him for a concussion and instead were told he had DIPG; an inoperable brain tumor that would leave him with only 9 months to live.  Overnight, Brock was not able to walk, drink, or talk.  He was determined to get back to running and playing soccer again and did after 6 weeks.  He fought courageously for 7 months and did not want to leave his family on December 10, 2016.

During his battle, he didn't understand why his body was doing this to him, why he was the only second grader with cancer in his head, and why the Doctors couldn't fix him.  He never complained and wanted to "Kick Cancer in the Nuts!"

Melissa, James, Jenna, and Blair are determined to raise money to find a cure and create awareness of this deadly disease.  Our kids deserve better!

Katelyn Spann Chatron

Kate was a gift - little sister to all the bigs, a determined, funny, sly smiling soccer player who battled DIPG for 17 months. She left this world to be in heaven on September 26, 2000 at 11 years old. Her loves were playing school - teacher of dolls and grading papers; American Girl dolls - dressing them up; Sorry! and Guess Who?. She was a fierce competitor who hated losing. She loved her friends - laughing and practical jokes with them; family -being with them at home to watch Supermarket Sweep & Shop Til You Drop! Kate was all this and more. Today her spirit lives on - always in our hearts.

Claire Elizabeth Hernandez

Claire Elizabeth Hernandez was born on May 26th, 2015 prematurely at 27 weeks.  She weighed just 3lbs, 1oz and spent the first 75 days in the NICU.  At 18 months old, she was diagnosed with cerebral palsy and has shown strength throughout her entire life.

In the Summer of 2019, Claire’s eyes became crossed, lost her balance, and lost control of her arms and legs.  On July 2, 2019, her parents received the heartbreaking diagnosis of DIPG and were told she had 9 to 15 months left to live.  Claire had 33 sessions of radiation, countless doctor visits, Avastin treatments, pokes and pricks, numerous MRIs and ultrasounds.

On February 28, 2020 at 4 years old, Claire was called home to her heavenly Father while in the arms of her Mother and Father surrounded by family and loved ones.  During her brief time on Earth, even though this little angel was only passing through, she radiated joy and happiness.  Her light will continue to shine brightly from Heaven.

Alexis Reinders

Alexis was a very kind and funny girl. She always made friends easily. Her teachers always commented on how sweet she was towards other children. She loved princesses, JoJo Siwa, going to the beach, attending church and dancing.

Alexis seemed completely healthy. Then, one day she had dizziness, balance issues and gait. Her dance Teacher in class noticed Alexis almost fell a few times, having trouble with her routine dance steps, and feeling dizzy. She was also walking very abnormally. Her Mom took Alexis to urgent care. They instructed her to go to Dell Children's Hospital immediately where a CT Scan showed there was something in her brain. Alexis was immediately admitted to the hospital. The next day an MRI confirmed her parent's worst nightmare. An inoperable tumor called DIPG, a term her parents never heard before.

Alexis received the standard 6 weeks of radiation and participated in the ONC201 trial. When an MRI showed her tumor was in progression and had metastasized, she was withdrawn from the trial. Alexis went through another 20 rounds of radiation giving her a few more months of time to create memories with her parents and older Sister, Chloe. She battled a full year, July 16, 2019 to July 16,2020.

During her short 7 years on Earth Alexis positively impacted many people. Her light continues to shine down from heaven.