Rachaell Scott Event Coordinator

Rachaell Scott, Event Coordinator

1. What do I do at CSN?
I am one of the two event coordinators! I work with the events team to connect with chapters all over the country. We help the chapters bring their fundraising ideas into a reality. I also get the opportunity to travel across the country and see what an amazing impact each fundraiser brings to The Cure Starts Now.

2. What brought you to The Cure Starts Now?
I spent four years in Lexington, Kentucky, which gives much more of a small town feel than Cincinnati. I knew that I wanted to be a part of something bigger than myself and had two previous years of experience in the non-profit field. I knew The Cure Starts now was the right place for me because of how dedicated everyone is. I am surrounded by wonderful, driven individuals who make me want to give my best everyday.

3. What do I like most about my job?
I love that I am given the opportunity to connect with so many amazing people. I am able to see the work that we are doing create an impact for so many families. I also adore the wonderful humans that I work with! There is not a day that my belly does not hurt from laughing with the funniest people ever.

4. What moment have I cherished the most?
Any day that I get to spend time with Addison Varns is my favorite, but recently we held a celebration in honor of her finishing her fourth round of radiation. The day was filled with all things sunshine and unicorns, sweet treats, and copious amounts of confetti. Addison is the bravest girl I have ever met and I will always cherish our talks and our mini lunch dates where we sit on the floor and consume tons of Cheetos.

5. People would be surprised if they knew I…
My cat has thumbs! He is a Polydactyl or Hemingway Cat, and he is always opening doors and getting into everything. I also once ate 40 chicken nuggets in one sitting and would drink ranch dressing.