Our Warriors Who Inspire Us

Adelaide Munk






May 5, 2019


University Hospital Rainbows Babies and Children - Cleveland, Ohio

Currently Battling



Adelaide "Addie" was diagnosed with Medulloblastoma at the age of 8 in May 2019.  After a brain tumor extraction, 6 weeks of radiation and 9 cycles of chemotherapy, Addie finished treatment in July 2020, She was declared NED in November of 2020. During a routine MRI in January 2021, it was discovered that Addie had relapsed.  This time her cancer was not only in her brain, but also in her spinal fluid and spine.  She started treatment back up and finished 9 more cycles of chemotherapy in November of 2021.  January of 2022 she will undergo 2 stem cell transplants, followed by radiation.  During all of this, you can find her laughing, crafting or just being a kid.  It has been a tough ride but she has been tougher! We will never stop fighting!